Who are you?

the ego addicted

to appeal to others

abound with one’s druthers

to thy ownself

the truth is evasive

for users and takers

and self-absorbed fakers

selfies deceived

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #217

The line to stoke your imagination this week is

Everything about her was a lie….”

You are free to incorporate the line in your piece, or just use it as a theme.


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35 thoughts on “Who are you?

    1. Druthers is an alteration of “would rather”. “Druthers is essentially a dialectal term and it tends to suggest an informality of tone, but in current use it doesn’t necessarily suggest a lack of sophistication or education.” – Merriam Webster.

      My mother used this word frequently. She was born in what we term as “The South” (New Orleans, Louisiana). She had a heavy southern accent and took speech lessons to get rid of it because she was a semi-professional singer and worked in the retail clothing industry. Heavy southern accents can be difficult to understand. For example, the word years is pronounced yee-uhs and hear is pronounced hee-yur. If you saw the movie Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks mastered a southern accent.


      1. Thanks for the info! 🙏🤗 Different accents are the reason I use subtitles or text on my videos, and prefer the machine voices in Anchor audios. It bridges gaps. Speed of speaking English, too, widely varies.


  1. I was actually watching a cooking show that had ‘stars’ cooking. Dorothy Hamill – (the ice skater) said early fame was very difficult at times. I personally can’t imagine devoting so much time to one thing that life gets swept up and lost for it.


    1. Many of the older ‘stars’ had tough childhoods because of the time devoted to acting. Their lives were anything but normal.


  2. WOW!! Eugi that is one STRONG poem!!!!
    Reminds me f my Iroquois teaching about “False Faces”.
    We all have a ‘public’ persona & ‘private’ persona. And some have ‘hidden’ persona….
    This poem REALLT touched me!
    {{{hugs}}} BellaSita Mum & purrss BellaDharma


    1. Thank you, and I’m so glad you liked the poem! You are very observant and I agree we have different personas. I hope all is well with you and BellaDharma. Hugs and purrs! 🥰😻


      1. We are like onions personality wise I think Eugi; many layered & a little different with each layer coming off.
        I project a very sort of care-free & slightly sardonic side when I am out. I live in the moment. At home where I can be myself; I can be happy or sad or frustrated or down right grumpy (ak BellaDharma)
        I think we are all many many personas which complete us as Humans.


      1. I guess we do both. We hide beneath the layers that we choose to hide from someone at a point of time while revealing only a part we wish too. I wonder what is it with our own self?


  3. Ooooh that has some serious bite in both under and overtones, nicely done. Reminds me of WordPress in a canny way.


      1. Bloggers and their displayed behaviours here in WordPress. Of course it is my opinion, l briefly made mention to it last night in a post. As l was crafting that post, l had this poem in my head at the same time in part.


      2. After reading your post, I understand. I’ve noticed a change in attitude, as well, especially in the comment areas. (not my blog, but other blogs). Some comments are hateful, which once you put something in writing it’s there for all to see. Sure we have different opinions but let’s share them respectfully.


      3. Yes precisely, the change is not just present in the blogland Eugenia as you are probably aware as well. I have seen the general patience of people in real life expire very quickly too. People are just plain nastier to people now.

        I think covid made more people show their true colours, in others it highlighted weaknesses and flaws to their balance.


  4. Excellent poem, Eugenia and so true again. I’m glad I’m a cat who can see through fake faces😺 Thanks for explaing the word druthers, the translater didn’t know it. 🌹Pawkisses for a Happy 💗 Day to all of you🐾😽💞


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