Rebuilding normality

imagine our youth

formidable years blurry

wisdom empowers

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #218

prompt image


Image credit: Kelly Ann Tan on Unsplash

26 thoughts on “Rebuilding normality

    1. Lokesh, the prompt image is a child looking at the reflection of himself in what appears to be a glass door. My poem reflects upon our children that don’t have a clear vision while growing up. Empowering them with wisdom will help them get through those growing up (formidable) years. I hope this helps. 😉


      1. Yes, it’s important. Lockdown caused huge loss to the education of children. Thank you for the poem, Eugi.🙂


  1. I think most of my youth was a blurry mess. I moved around due to my Dad’s jobs. Stability for children is good. The good thing about moving around is that one learns to adapt (and there are many forms of adaptation). Cheers! ~Jules


    1. My youth had its ups and downs. Yes, I agree about having to adapt which seemed to change depending on the situation.


  2. Wow this is a complete change reminds me of that famous song well two actually – you’ll know both …


    Fabulous songs both!!

    Great poem too with an image that sits with both songs.


  3. Mm, looks like my last comments disappeared. Great poem, great image. Fantastic blackdrop too.


      1. i am not sure, do you have a spam folder Eugenia? I had two links inside the comment links to songs that l thought suited everything – Paint in Black and Fade to Black 🙂 Maybe it was because of those.


      2. I left a comment about the fabulous songs you left letting you know that the links were in my notification email but not in the comment itself. Your comment had to be approved, which I did, and now it has disappeared. Anyway, thanks for sharing the two great songs!


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