Cellphone confessions

shiny little gadgets

their opinions conflictive

wannabe ways afflictive

intrusive convictions

falsified depictions

and wicked maledictions

their souls grasped by predictions

a selfie’s forever addiction

What do you see # 122 – February 21, 2022

prompt image

Imange credit; 8machine@ Unsplash

Image by Dsndrn-Videolar from Pixabay (Lunapic generated)

28 thoughts on “Cellphone confessions

  1. I’ve been putting off getting a smart phone… but I may not have a choice as the carriers are upgrading and my reliable ol’ flipper is going to be outdated!!!
    I’ll still only turn it on when I want it on!! I see people all the time who can’t pay attention to where they are walking because they are talking or looking at a smart phone screen. Ugh!!


    1. Hubby and I have our own smartphones, mainly for safety. I just recently purchased a new one because the battery died in my 7 year old phone and I wanted an upgrade to 5G. I rarely use it but found it comes in very handy if the internet goes down and also when we travel. Yep, those that are addicted live in their own world.


  2. This is the story of half the population of the worlds Eugenia. Especially the young people. Thanks for joining in


  3. The age of smart technology is quite addictive. I don’t consider us to be selfie addicted, we do try to take more pictures of us together when we remember to capture a memory. This is something I’m glad we can do whereas years ago, it required more work to achieve those together shots. Great poem!


  4. My cell phone is the only phone I have, no landline. I have never taken a selfie. Never even thought about it. I just call or text.


    1. We don’t have a landline either. We both have our own cellphone, mainly for safety purposes. I take selfies and use them for my profile pics.


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