The way we were

devotion blurred with passion

adoring moments yet to be embraced

the spirit of love grace’s hesitant

while weeks pass disturbed

tender hugs breathe numbness

and once warm smiles gelid

as unconscious moments

become one

with bitterness in the soul

beginnings and endings

with nowhere to go

The Saturday Symphony #26 In between the lines

This month, the prompt is to pick a base emotion like hate, love, jealousy, despair, joy…
and delve deeper into it, giving us an intimate view of that emotion; going in between the lines.


Image by Kranich17 from Pixabay

33 thoughts on “The way we were

  1. Sometimes if we let ourselves fall into the abyss of our truest feelings, there might not be any way back. I do think that’s why people are often different on the outside, if the inside is a mess. they are holding on. very thought inducing this. perfect for the prompt.


  2. Beautiful poem, Eugenia. In my opinion bitterness comes when love is not accepted wholeheartedly and then gradually begins to fall apart.🙂


  3. Eugi…..Eugi this poem brought me to tears! It is like you saw my hubby Kevin & I the 4 years we were married.
    He sadly left this world in 2003 by his own hands…..
    I’ve written many poems about what happened. I do not think I captured the entire feeling liek you have ehre!! WOW! You are so amazing!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen (BellaSita Mum) & purrss BellaDharma


    1. Aww, you are such a dear, BellaSita, and we parallel in many ways. I’ve had my share of grief, as well, and even though a long time ago, the memories are with me forever. I feel some of my sadness from the past is reflected in my poetry today, even though not intentional. Hugs and purrs, BellaSita and BellaDharma! 🥰😻


      1. You know Eugi for the longest time I wrote nothing after Kevin passed away. I felt “locked up”….I presume it was Writer’s Block….then one day it all came pouring out like a torrent of words!
        I lost 2 Husbands & it impacts me to do this day. It is one thing to say “Goodbye” to Parents & Grandparents & older relatives. Burying our Spouses or Children or Siblings while still in their 20’s is for me the WORST!
        I guess our sadness is now a part of us, whether were realize it or not?


  4. I can see this dispare for many situations. Some relationships we cannot save… like when death takes a loved one.
    I also think those first teen blushes with ‘love’ would fit. So many expectatitons take a dive when one is left for another.
    One can only hope love light becomes a strong rope to pull up the sad soul.


  5. Your words made me sad. A poetry’s meaning so often eludes my brain, I read some of the commenters to see how other interpreted your words and while I may not have understood my soul felt what others conveyed here. I now understand your post title. You’re a gifted poet, my friend.


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