EzPz Writes – 3/26/2022

thoughts mingle in spite of inadequacy of interpretation

A Monoku is a type of poem which is made up of a single horizontal line.

Unlike the Haiku which is made up of three outlines with a total of seventeen syllables, Monoku features a single line consisting of seventeen syllables or even fewer.

It contains a pause brought about by speech rhythm with slight or no punctuation. The first letter should not be capitalized – but instead written in lower case.


Image by strikers from Pixabay

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“I would rather be amongst forest animals and the sound of nature, than amongst city traffic and the noise of man.” Anthony D. Williams.
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  1. Wow another new format .. I’ll give it a go Eugenia ..
    “the dawn’s misty clouds settled upon the dry sunburnt valley below”

  2. There are so many poem forms and most I have never heard of.

    • I haven’t heard of many of them, Patricia. I liked this one because some of the shorter forms of poetry are more challenging.

  3. Ah, a new form of poetry

  4. What an interesting format, and it reads so well

  5. I am unlikely to try this, but it is good to see that Ivor has given it a go

  6. What a great line. It makes me think, read it again and think some more. I will give this form a try. Thanks and happy Sunday.

  7. …and maybe because of it… though provoking

  8. Ah, yes – I’ve done a few of these. Always good to work in a syllable counter when attempting 😉

    Nice summary of ‘today’. Perhaps a tad sad though.

    • Thank you, Jules. 😉

      • (PS.. The ‘You’ve Replied is back… Not sure about the other things that vanished.)

      • (Odd… perhaps only for the first reply to somethting… but not to one I just sent to you – and the replies still don’t show up in the WP Dash Comments… I really wish that a) they’d stop messing around and b) at least tell us when they do.)

      • I agree, Jules. I believe when WP releases new versions the glitches happen. I read where the 6.0 version will becoming out sometime this year. Yikes! The last version made a mess out of my blog, Eclectic Brew. Anytime I used the quote feature in my posts, the font was huge and I had to go back and fix them. A few other bloggers complained of the same thing.

      • Oy! I wish WP would make the changes choices. That way we could choose to be ‘upgraded’ or just leave things be – the way we are used to them.

  9. A gorgeous image to sit with the Monoku but then l guess it’s for the aficionados too!

    Beautifully penned.

  10. Wee nevurr herd of a Monoku an wee are amazed!
    Yoress iss furry xcellent Miss Eugi!
    ~~head rubss~~ BellaDahrma~~ an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

  11. Beautiful lines and image 💜✍

  12. Ah, I can imagine those multitude of thoughts looking at that sky! Lovely, Eugenia!

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