Limelighters – Surreal Prompt – Posted April 5, 2022

“The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence; the past is a place of learning, not a place of living.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Eugis Causerie had a hiccup this past weekend. My web host, Blue Host came to the rescue and restored my site. However, their most recent backup date was April 12th, and some of the comments and pingbacks on April 12th and all posts from April 12th until today were lost.

With that said, you may see previous posts come through your feed again because I am having to compress my images. (Blue Host has a staging feature but I had problems with it before and don’t need any more hiccups).

Even though I was adjusting images all along, or so I thought, they were not being compressed per my discussion with Blue Host. With that said, I found a really cool app, called Squoosh and it compresses an image in seconds.

IMO, Eugis Causerie loads slower than it should, especially compared to Eclectic Brew, a blog. When renewal comes around, I’ll determine how I want to handle Eugis Causerie.

So, let’s get to the good part and recognize some of these folks that so graciously contributed their time to my prompts.

Eugis Weekly Prompt – Surreal – Posted April 5, 2022

Reena – Boomerang

Jules – nd 4.5 Pleasantly Twisted? (Spot On?) 3p

Susan – Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Surreal

Tom – Surreal

Diana – Star Light

Rory – Life in Brazil, Is l feel, At times surreal

Goff – Poetry – Tanka – Night’s Breezed Shadows Melt – A Poem by Goff James

Sadje – I turned on the light!

Mich – If It Ain’t love

Indira – Surreal

Susi – On Poetry

Heather – Reflected Sky

I appreciate all of you and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

Keep on keepin’ on!


featured image – Pexels

18 thoughts on “Limelighters – Surreal Prompt – Posted April 5, 2022

  1. Complications come from advancement as much as benefits…
    Hope you can straighten things out.
    Cheers. (((Hugs))) Jules


    1. Yep, for sure but that’s never stopped me from trying. It will come around one way or the other. Thanks for the hugs and back atcha!


      1. I knew a gal who lost WP stuff years ago… I always write in my own docs and copy and paste. If WP ever ate all my stuff – I’ve got copies. Harder to do with adding fancy stuff I guess. Good luck. And keep doing what you enjoy. I’m sure your posts make more than just me happy 😀 ~ Thank you!! 💖


      2. I’m glad my posts make you happy, Jules, and thank you for your support. I keep backups of my site in addition to Blue Host. Even though, Blue Host is very helpful, I may move Eugis Causerie back to at renewal. 😊


  2. Oh glad you’re fixing it, Eugi. You know I have my notification bell turned on for your site and I actually wondered when within one day several notifications popped up from your site starting with “someone posted on…” I have to admit I felt it suspicious. Even this one has come out same way. Oh, I hope you’ll have it all fixed. Thanks for stepping up to explain.

    Well, that quote by Roy is right. The past shouldn’t be dwelt on but referred to. Wonderful responses to your prompt.


    1. Thanks, Lamittan! Will you please explain your comment about “someone posted on…”, and if that continues to happen.


      1. I mean they didn’t appear normal in my notification as they usually do beginning with “Eugenia posted on Eugi’s…” in place of Eugenia they had the word “someone”.


      2. Thank you so much, Lamittan, because your comment helped me determine the issue. Jetpack (which is part of all WP sites) wasn’t connected properly for Eugis Causerie. You’re the best! 💖


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