Away from the daily grind

life’s ado not me

harried hoi polloi driven

to the nth degree

bring forth simple times

life’s hammock of paradise

neath my favorite tree

stately and certain

brightened by the old lamppost

soul-nourishing moments

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #227

The Saturday Symphony #27. April Edition. “Tree Bliss”

“This month, pick a tree and write about it. It can be one you have visited, or one you have only seen in media, or one with special significance or sentiment to your life, even one from childhood. As an added bonus for your readers(and me), let us know how that tree makes you feel.”

#WRITEPHOTO – Lamppost

prompt image


Image by Tim Hill from Pixabay

30 thoughts on “Away from the daily grind

  1. My willow isn’t strong enough to hold a hammock. I do though have a hanging rope chair in my porch (I can stretch my feet out long too). And look out at all the trees and the birds visiting the feeders 😀

    May we all find tranquil moments to treasure!! ✨


  2. Beautiful take on all the prompts Eugi. The tree in the fields looks so nourished and where it is meant to be.


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