Eugis Weekly Prompt – Sublime – April 26, 2022

night turns to dawn

fauna and flora adapt

earth’s sublime appeal

Your Weekly Prompt – Sublime – April 26, 2022

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Image by gene1970 from Pixabay

52 thoughts on “Eugis Weekly Prompt – Sublime – April 26, 2022

  1. I love seeing the early morning glow peeking just above the horizon. The orange splash across the sky is a gorgeous signal that the day is going to be a beautiful one. Nicely done on the poem!


  2. Very nice, l really like this and so much so, l have saved the link for future use.


  3. I do so like the word Sublime,
    …. it works well in poetic rhyme,
    And It also fits nicely on the first line,
    Just as well because the word ‘sublime’,
    Is in the showcase for today’s prompted playtime!


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