Fort me, myself and I

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home away from home

summer heat passes me by

spring showers nourish

home of solitude

worldly stress passes me by

peace of mind embraced

we become one with life

on a road with nowhere to go



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24 thoughts on “Fort me, myself and I

  1. This is amazing and wonderful to read, every word of it. The feeling of a hot summer day and then a relishing spring of showers well captured. Good piece, my friend Eugi. 👏 ❤❤


      1. Well, not me. I had taken by boots off, but suddenly – today – something had changed. And testing it out, it seems I may agsain publish pictures? Which is a good thing with spring and all! Wondering a bit for how long it will last this time?!


  2. I remember summers in the country building such ‘dens’…
    Thought the world was ours for the taking then 🙂


  3. Furabuluss poe-em Miss eugi…
    Mee an BellaSita Mum wish wee cuud go to that place an stay there fur ever…you REELLY capture emotionss so well 🙂
    nose kissess BellaDharma an {{hugss}} BellaSita Mum


      1. Thank you and I appreciate you letting me know. I feel it is less cluttered plus it has many options. I loved the other theme but it presented issues when I set up my drafts. 😽


    1. Thank you, Cheryl. I used to climb trees too and my parents wouldn’t let me have a tree house but they built a playhouse under my favorite tree. I loved it! 💖


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