tears not to be shamed they grieve for a broken heart a fated journey of injustice to the soul or peace with inner self What do you see # 136 – May 30, 2022 prompt image -Eugi Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Limelighters – Intertwined – Posted May 24, 2022

“It is often the moments of silence that strengthen the friendship between two people. When friendship is bound by companionship… intertwined with love, secured by mutual understanding…”― AJ Vosse Jules - first in ✨ Fill in the Blank Mich Me Indira Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Intertwined – May 24, 2022 Goff Poetry – Senryū – Two Hearts Intertwined … Continue reading Limelighters – Intertwined – Posted May 24, 2022

Listen to yourself

confessing echoes witness a reckless world what goes round returns the truth in-between deemed fractious, yet acknowledges closure the inner self best not hush the subconscious “The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose answers I accept.”― George Carlin -Eugenia featured image - Pexels

Friends forever

and this knife I found carved initials in a tree M.E. + Y.O.U. a forever friendship Reena’s Xploration Challenge #232 Prompt sentences - I’m going to defeat you with the power of friendship! … And this knife I found.I’m sick and tired of being called ‘mortal’ like, you don’t know that. Neither do I. I have … Continue reading Friends forever