Summer glow

earth stippled with riotous color sultry laden winds warm the land trees bedecked in kelly green happy frogs in-between ever so lovely the daylight wanes as twilight turns to night #TankaTuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge No. 272: #Tastetherainbow-Color Poetry This week Colleen's challenge is to think of different ways to use color in a poem. I … Continue reading Summer glow

Eugis Weekly Prompt – Starry Nights – May 3, 2022

I am posting a summary of prompt participants under my new category "Limelighters". The post will be published on Mondays in the evening hours. Contributions to the prompt not received before the next week's prompt will be included in the next published summary. on this starry night the moon dances to Billie Jean spellbinding moments … Continue reading Eugis Weekly Prompt – Starry Nights – May 3, 2022


come morning mother earth awakened from slumber to a sun-kissed day the ambered warmth entice scented blossoms to softly caress the air as dew glistens where trees dare to shadow a dream-spun fairytale fashioned like a masterpiece it comes to question will penning down words capture nature's marvel -Eugenia featured image - Pexels