The scheme of things


its lollygag attitude

hesitates to inspire

unwritten words tucked

within aimless thoughts.

rise and shine with

caffeinated ideas –

not even a yawning

flower will stifle

a masterpiece.


Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay

12 thoughts on “The scheme of things

      1. Well currently l do the same as l did in Guy .. l have an internal directory with all the links to the blogs l follow and then l go direct to the blog because l don’t use the Reader. So l am not notified in my world the way others are because l go to the blogs first. when that isn’t working l have to use the Reader.


      2. Well I think I underatsnd. I get notifications of new posts and comments in my email. I also use the notifications feature to get likes, follows, and comments. EB is now appearing in the reader as soon as I publish. I changed some things in Jet Pack that seem to have helped. Too bad I can’t do the same for EC.


      3. Got you.

        I get notifications of comments in the directory. But l have switched off receiving emails and as said the only way l know of new posts is to only visit those that l follow directly. I really don’t use the Reader for anything unless l have no choice.


  1. The last new post I recieved from you was the prompt – I didn’t get this one in my email. You are one of the few I follow… did you change something?

    I love nature. To me even the simplest bloom is indeed a masterpiece.


    1. I merged blogs. Blue Host (Eugis Causerie) had one too many outages and I wasn’t happy my blog was offline for hours at a time. I merged all posts to my other blog and renamed it Eugis Causerie.

      I agree with you about nature. 😉


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