Make it Happen Thursday

Come on over to Go Dog Go Cafe and scope out what’s happening. On Thursdays I host Make it Happen Thursday, where we promote other bloggers by sharing their links, and discuss writer’s block.

I hope to see you there!


featured image – my own

9 thoughts on “Make it Happen Thursday

  1. Go Dog Go Cafe looks very interesing. My summer is taking up more of my time than I imagined. I can barely do the prompts I have thinned out. Maybe you can make a page for a link and info on ghe cafe so I can find it when I have more time.

    After I post this comment I’ll go back and try and snag the link to a place that I’ll be able to find it again. So I can ‘Make it happen’ another time. 😀


    1. I understand about getting to prompts especially when we can be enjoying the outside.

      Go Dog Go Cafe’s been around a long time and I’ve been involved with them for quite some time. I host their Thursday gig but they have a different event every day and offer a variety of things to choose from. You can click on the Go Dog Go Cafe widget in the footer of my blog to get to their site. 😉


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