Free to go

wishing for refuge

paradise beckons me close

coming to terms

ripple effects persistent

last farewell before the night

What do you see # 138


Image by kien virak from Pixabay

31 thoughts on “Free to go

  1. This reminds me of my kayak trip in the Bahamas!!
    So much water where we were, but not very deep, but we were warned not to get out of the kayak since we didn’t want to disturb the eco-system.


      1. We had gone to the Keys one year. Yes those mangroves seem to spread. But what got me was the beaches… which were old coral – like concrete (we stopped at several small public beaches). One beach we were told had shipped in sand from somewhere else because people expected ‘real sand’ at a beach!


  2. We believe that after leaving this body we’re free to go. Yet we struggle to sacrifice small wishes in our daily lives. Are we free?

    The poem is really good.


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