Limelighters – Morning Fog – Posted June 7, 2022

“moonlight disappears down the hills
mountains vanish into fog
and i vanish into poetry.”
― Sanober Khan, A Thousand Flamingos

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Morning Fog – Posted June 7, 2022

Reena – first in ✨

Morning Glory


Blue Moon


Poetry – Haiku – Sunrise Purple Wakes – A Poem by Goff James


With You


Morning Fog


Foggy Dreams


Faded pearls.(Mirror cinquain#1)


Morning Fog


Morning fog, or: Life insurance


nd 6.8 New Direction? (Spot On?) 5p


Waking up


Dragon’s Breath – Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Morning Fog – ©J.E.Goldie June 7, 2022


In The Air


Morning : Constanza


Valkyrie – Haiku 2022 #Eugi’s Weekly Prompt


Morning Fog

Arti & Stu

Morning Fog


Don’t you be whining about this thin mist,
… youngun!
Well, let me tell you something,
A local mystery l spose,
… that drifts around these parts,
That goes to shows,
… there are things not discussed in open verse!
It all began one dank, dark, sorta misty morning,
Why l tell you, the lighten house it was hornin
All dang night,
To any who was fool enough to be out,
But it crept up on the shore,
Whatever it was,
…. and played sumpen up rotten…
…. before it was gorne!
Ol’ Hank was telling me,
… when l saw him the next day,
That it was honest to goodness gracious me cre-creepy!
What’s more, whatevar it was,
… waddn’t friendly!
Oh no, whatevar it was, took ol’ Hank’s dog!
It was a cre-creepy sumpen rotten morning fog!

Thank you to all that participated! I appreciate you!


Image by analogicus from Pixabay

24 thoughts on “Limelighters – Morning Fog – Posted June 7, 2022

    1. Thank you. No, unfortunately. I use sites such as Pixabay, Pexels and Lovethispic, where the images are free to use. I credit the photographer at the bottom of each post.


  1. I love the morning fog clinging in the valley or barely inches off the grass. Times like it can be either beautiful or eerily serene. I love it when we’re in the mountains when the fog rolls in because usually that’s a good time to spot wildlife. 🙂


  2. Hubby loves to walk in the fog. It’s beautiful and makes the world so quiet. A great time to contemplate many things.

    Have a fabulous day, Eugenia. ♥


  3. Fog can be off putting… like with Rory’s verse!
    But I recall the morning I saw a 4 (maybe more) point stag in my neighbors yard!
    From the fog and back into it after I acknowledge how hansome he was!! 😀

    Thanks for the prompt and the round up. I hope to visit more…


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