Sharing – A nice gesture from a new friend

On June 15th, I published a poem Reconnect, which generated an interesting discussion between a new blogger friend, Poetry Goddess from Poems, Random Thoughts & Short Stories, and me.

Here’s our discussion:

Poetry Goddess

15 JUN 2022 AT 6:15 PM 

Sad to say most of us still have that inner child feeling up till today, no matter what age we are.. Our inner child will only emerge out when we are alone by ourselves, when nobody is around to judge us for being childish or too playful at our current ages.

But let me tell you something.. If you have seen the movie Patch Adams that was acted by the late actor Robin Williams, you should know pretty well what I mean by now. Patch Adams is a movie inspired from a true story. A true story of a Doctor trying to make the world a better place just by using laughter and joy as the best medicine to cure people’s sadness, griefs and depression.


15 JUN 2022 AT 7:17 PM 

I didn’t see the movie Patch Adams but did some research. That’s a wonderful gesture that he and his volunteers bring humor to those in need. A good example of using one’s inner child to help others. Thank you for your comment.

Poetry Goddess took our discussion a step further and published Random Thoughts: #6 The link between the topic Inner Child & Patch Adams ( Famous Doctor), which I feel is a valuable addition to our discussion, an enjoyable read, and a very nice gesture.

This is one of the many reasons, I enjoy blogging. Making new friends, learning, and sharing new things and new ideas.

Thank you Poetry Goddess, my friend!


Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

9 thoughts on “Sharing – A nice gesture from a new friend

  1. I did see Patch Adams… If you can rent it from the library – it is an enjoyable movie.
    It is good to meet new folks. May many friendships allow all our ‘inner children’ to mingle 💖


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