My journey thrives


and again

through and through my waking life needs change

my hopes and dreams long-range

my path continues to wander


yes, and how

my waking life is living again

alive and full of vim

my path continues to flourish

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #236


Think of times you’ve felt revived, reinvigorated, alive — maybe through an experience, or living again through a new generation of humans or technology or thoughts, feeling happy about still being relevant or just existing.

Let your thoughts take you to fresher pastures.

The poetry form is the Mariannet as discussed in Paul’s Poetry Playground.

The Mariannet is an isosyllabic rhyming poem, consisting of one or more five-line stanzas (quintains) with one syllable in the first line, three in the second, nine in the third, six in the fourth, and eight in the fifth and final line. The first two lines rhyme with each other, and so does the third and fourth, but the fifth is nonrhyming and does not rhyme with any other lines.


featured image – Pexels

59 thoughts on “My journey thrives

  1. Mee-yow WOW Miss Eungi….jsut when mee thinkss mee knowss efurrythin ’bout Poe-etry mee leernss sumthin mew…mee meenss ‘new’….
    Mee thinkss yore Mairannet iss beeuteefull. How you rite such furabuluss poe-emss dailee iss amazin to mee an to BellaSita Mum two!
    nose kissess BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) BellaSita Mum


  2. I cannot say how much that poem you wrote seem so vivid in my mind. Thank you


  3. New adventures everyday 🙂
    At least the machines are out… next week repairs might start.
    Hope your ceiling adventure went smooth.


      1. Did they protect/seal it first, then prime it, then paint. Just painting isn’t going to make the stain go away…

        Maybe next month things will actually start. But at least we are moving forward. sigh


      2. I read your comment to my husband and both got a good laugh. No, they didn’t and my hubby (being in construction most of his life) was not happy plus the painter made a mess. We moved most our furniture and covered the rest with dropcloths. So the painter stands on a ladder with the brush above his head and the paint is dripping everywhere – get the picture!? But then this is RP (rental property) and not much we can do. It looks a tad better but we’re disappointed.


      3. There is that saying; “You get what you pay for… and you don’t get what you don’t pay for.”

        The folks who built our home took a few short corners as it were. Like double tapping lines (which might have been legal at the time, but I doubt it). All the homes had appartment size stoves, and the bathroom sinks were mis-matched… we haven’t done anything about them yet, but who puts in a brown or red sink?

        We are the third owners, the second ones put in air… but the handler is in the attic! The builder didn’t put the duct work in when he gave the choice to have or not have air when building. Dufus.

        I could go on… but it would be better in private 😉

        It is hard to get good help these days. You get bids for work and think you make a good choice and well it doesn’t go well… And most often there is no recourse. Hopefully you don’t get mold… sigh.


      4. Hopefully we don’t. This complex was built in 1996. Some of the apartments have been renovated but they stopped during Covid. The complex is nice but only as good as it’s management team and maintenance guys. The appliances in the non-renovated units are awful so we bought our own refrigerator. The range is next.

        It’s in a great location, gated, and has garages, which we need a garage for the classic car. So, all in all, not too bad – plus the people are nice.


      5. Always good to have nice neighbors.
        We don’t have a ‘gated’ community. But we now have nice folks around.

        Though that wasn’t always so. Some folks like to be judgemental about folks different than them. So when those folks moved… we heaved a great sigh of relief. 🙂

        The only thing classic about us… is our age 😉


  4. This is truly excellent expression Eugenia, l can so relate to these reflections 🙂


  5. This is very very nicely done Eugenia. I am guessing that poetry is more than just writing for you but a true hobby, a passion 🙂


    1. Thank you for your very kind comment. It is more than just writing for me. I feel poetry lets me express myself deep from within. ❤️


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