nature’s liquid gold essential to planet earth to waste is a shame

glass half full


glass half empty

What do you see # 140 – 27, June, 2022

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A Monoku is a type of poem which is made up of a single horizontal line. Traditionally considered as a haiku writing, it is currently accepted as a variant of the haiku form of poetry. Monoku emerged as an independent style of poetry in the 1970s.

Piku – pi-ku (or 𝜋-ku) is a poem with syllable structure 3-1-4. Note that the pi-ku does not necessarily have to be math-related.


Image by Christian_Birkholz from Pixabay

38 thoughts on “H2O

  1. The water waste here in Las Vegas makes me mad. People still have grass lawns, and the darn golf courses gobble water up at a ridiculous pace.


      1. I follow the legal entity on Instagram that is in charge of the boat ramps, they must continually move the docks and anything else associated with the ramp, down. Standing on the ramp, in some places you can see where the waterline should be, and that you would be 100 feet underwater if the lake were at full pond. Damn scary. Why can’t humans make the price of desalinating ocean water drop significantly!


      1. This time I was asked to give my e-mail. Never been asked in years! Could it possibly have something to do with you moving about? Let us see what happens next?


  2. People take the clean water for granted i see everyday. Grateful for the small things I have in everyday life. Wonderful read my friend


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  4. Pessimist sees the glass half empty
    Opptimist sees it half full
    The Engineer drinks the water then refills the glass… 🙂

    We do need to be more repectful of the limited water we have.


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