My poem “Life’s Interruptions” published on Spillwords Press

Life’s Interruptions

keen senses warn us
against betraying omens
unease canopied
enigmas emerge
depict the circle of life
awaiting comfort
hindsight or foresight
ideas mingle with hope
truth lies in the pen
wisdom unselfish
and exhales our existence
too little too late
question til’ the end
and toast marmalade sunsets
enjoy the applause

Life’s Interruptions, published July 26, 2022 – Spillwords Press

Spillwords Press opens doors and allows poets and writers to spill their thoughts and release their creativity. Spillwords is like a spring garden, a summer breeze, an autumn tree, and winter snowflakes. Spillwords offers a variety of works from some of the most talented writers in the world. – Franci Eugenia Hoffman, Testimonial at Spillwords.


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