a haunting past

confused is me

flimsy versions leave me aghast

confused is me

my person thrives to be carefree

yet my being has been declassed

my soul disengaged from my past

confused is me

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #241

A single line prompt for this week –

The only ghost that scares is a past version of you.

The Rondelet (or roundelay) is a brief French form of poetry. It consists of one stanza, made up of seven lines. It contains a refrain, a strict rhyme scheme, and a distinct meter pattern.

The word is the diminutive of rondel, a similar, longer verse form. This is the basic structure:

Line 1 :: A—four syllables

Line 2 :: b—eight syllables

Line 3 :: A—repeat of line one

Line 4 :: a—eight syllables

Line 5 :: b—eight syllables

Line 6 :: b—eight syllables

Line 7 :: A—repeat of line one

The refrained lines should contain the same words, however, substitution or different use of punctuation on the lines has been common.


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38 thoughts on “a haunting past

  1. You reminded me of the movie “Ghost”… and to of another movie where the little boy ghost was helping the older man ghost…the boy’s famous line was; “I see dead people…”The Sixth Sense”.


    1. Thank you so much, BellaDharma and BellaSita Sistur! I hope all is well with you! 💛
      head bonks and high fives!


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