Moonwashed Weekly Challenge- Vivacious – August 30, 2022

For the visually impaired, the image is a vibrant abstract digital painting. vivacious allure colors mingle amid vibrancy indeed a masterpiece Your Weekly Challenge - Vivacious - August 30, 2022 Go where the challenge leads you and publish a post on your own blog that responds to the challenge. To participate, link your blog to … Continue reading Moonwashed Weekly Challenge- Vivacious – August 30, 2022

The Limelighters – Ambitious Prompt

“It's not how good you are, It's how good you want to be.” ― Paul Arden Your Weekly Prompt Roundup – Ambitious – Posted August 23, 2022 Sadje - First in ✨ Whence the ambition? Reena Motion Ladyleemanila Moonwashed Challenge – Ambitious – August 23, 2022 Benjamin DRINK EXTRA Jude LaCalma #poetry #nature Lisa I wished … Continue reading The Limelighters – Ambitious Prompt

EZ-PZ Writes – August 27, 2022

“The battle to stay on top is tougher than the battle to climb up.”― Constance Friday ideas grow stronger fates gives way to persistence balance in due time A Monoku is a type of poem which is made up of a single horizontal line. Traditionally considered as haiku writing, it is currently accepted as a variant … Continue reading EZ-PZ Writes – August 27, 2022