Hush the soundless

a moment’s glance led

to ungathered finalities

faded photos of ago

mark questionable times

omens dwell in the moment

only if embraced

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #243

Prompt – Situations – not always to our liking – keep developing across the world. We may want to switch off the television at times. Or we may be inspired to reflect on situations with a story or poem.

Yes, we have a situation prompt this week. You can choose between the two situations, just in case one does not fire you enough.

Situation 1

Your character finds an old, disposable camera on the ground. They get the photos developed. What they see tells an unsettling story.

Situation 2

The doorbell rings and your character answers it – finding nothing but an envelope with nothing on it. They open it and follow the instructions.


Image by Lucas Wendt from Pixabay

36 thoughts on “Hush the soundless

  1. Your thought-provoking poem and Prompt 1 stir this memory: Years ago when I was A Social Services area manager one of the social workers found a camera containing an unexposed film in the effects of the father of a boy in care. I was asked to develop and print it. It contained the only photographs in existence of the father.


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