Ifs and ands

well, I woke up early morn,

mad as a box of frogs,

shape-shifted into

my younger version

crowing with the best

on the high wires,

a wailful choir sings

of a woeful horse

with no head

my ghostly pals,

Casper and Spooky

thought the sight grim

we hippity-hopped to

Norway, tracings of

when time began,

though the tread

unsaid – the banana or

the orange or the

chicken or the egg

perplexed at life

itself, a consequence

we can’t pretend

rise as we must

to laugh with the sun,

the hum

of existence from

beginning to end.

Earthly Comforts Composting Prompt Ingredients – Once a Week Prompt August 13, 2022

Mad as a Box of Frogs

Where and what does the phrase ‘Mad as a box of frogs originate from and mean?’
At what age do you think you would clearly recognise a ‘much younger version of you’ if you bumped into YOU on the street today?

[example – if l bumped into any version of me younger than 15 l wouldn’t recognise myself]
How would you react if you woke up one morning next to a headless horse?
What country would you most like to visit if you were a rabbit and why?
When did Time actually begin and if you are not sure well then make something up!
How often do you forget what you just sai … ?
Who would you rather be – Casper the Friendly Ghost or Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost and why?
Which came first – the banana or the orange or yellow and orange the colours?
Are we actually living our best lives?
Do you think we owe the world our life, the world owes us our life, or we owe it to ourselves to live life? [Interpret as you wish]


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48 thoughts on “Ifs and ands

  1. Such a funny take on Rory’s prompt! I love your inclusion of chickens and eggs, which is of course the usual saying about which came first.


  2. That all seemed very abstract until I read the last bit. I was wondering what rabbit hole you’d fallen down


  3. Dammit. Now I can’t decide whether a woeful horse or a headless chicken egged on by frogs leaping up and down like Jack-in-the-boxes would lead a race from beginning to end.


  4. Wonderfully done Eugenia, a brilliant take on the prompting – colourfully and witty versed to boot 🙂 Rory


  5. I’m sure I visited… Enjoyable verse.
    I try not to dwell on ifs and buts…
    The present has enough challenges. 🙂


  6. I don’t know why my comments are coming up as Annoyous….
    yours is the second blog this has happened too… that last comment was from me, Jules.


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