A sea of regrets

life’s painful pulse

beats to its own drum

to which many succumb

when peace seldom gathers

ourself becomes fraught

languished by our thoughts

the depths of despair

a boundless sea of tears

provoked by our fears

sadness in the past

blissful peace for spirits loved

ocean flows silent

murmurs bring life to the shore

we smile at the sun

What do you see # 147, August 15, 2022

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featured image – Pixabay

Image credit; Stromseeker @ Unsplash

38 thoughts on “A sea of regrets

  1. Getting mired in our fearful thoughts and apprehension clip our wings. Beautiful poem Eugenia. Thanks for joining in


  2. There’s just something about the ocean—I don’t know what—that calms and lightens the spirit. It certainly does mine.
    Lovely, poignant words artfully arranged. Bravo, Eugi. 👏👏👏💕


    1. I used to live by the ocean and loved the sound of waves coming ashore. Even the salt air was calming. Thank you and I am glad your enjoyed the poem, July. 💖


      1. I don’t live by the ocean, but for many years, have vacationed there…right on the beach. Someday, I may move there—permanently.


  3. (Jules)
    Emotions can often be as if we ride rollercoasters…
    Nature can teach us many things… the sea can be rough, but also calm.

    (I waited to visit this prompted piece since I hadn’t written to it yet – but my post for this prompt is up now.)


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