The Limelighters – Breathless – Published August 16, 2022

An added note, I’ve changed my WordPress plan back to from the Pro plan. I spent pretty much the whole day on Sunday and part of today with the WordPress Happiness Engineers attempting to resolve my issues a huge mess! The Pro plan was part of the new pricing via WordPress, however, now defunct. In fact, WordPress has returned to its original pricing plans. Hopefully, all is back to normal give or take a few missing bits and pieces I may encounter later. We learn as we live and live as we learn.

β€œLife is like a landscape. You live in the midst of it but can describe it only from the vantage point of distance.” Charles Lindbergh

Your Weekly Prompt Roundup – Breathless – Posted August 16, 2022


Moonwashed Weekly Challenge – Breathless – August 16, 2022





Kitty’s Verses



nd 8.16 Tears Mixed With Relief 4p






Thousand Years


Moonwashed Weekly Challenge – Breathless – August 16, 2022


Twilights – Haiku 2022








All work, or: No play




Moonwashed Weekly Challenge- Breathless-Haiku


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39 thoughts on “The Limelighters – Breathless – Published August 16, 2022

    1. WordPress set my site to Coming Soon or Private while they worked on it. They had to restore posts back to April., which was when I started the Pro plan.

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    1. They do, Liz! It’s most frustrating. Colleen Chesebro and I are usually on the same page when it comes to WordPress themes and when she started having issues with the Pro plan, I noticed I was having issues too. It was a mess to change plans but I thought the sooner the better.

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    1. That’s good to know, Patricia. It seems the comments are still a widespread issue with WordPress. At least I know, the problem is not specific to my blog.


  1. I hope everything is working right now. I can’t recall if I experienced any problems with commenting but here lately, I’ve noticed an issue on other WP sites where I have log-out then back in to leave comment. I got error message, so I just took a stab with the logging out/in to see if it would help.


  2. Oh Eugi… hope you’re back up and running and me too. Do tell if you find issues on mine or not.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    laughing at this “to resolve my issues a huge mess”

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  3. Beautiful photograph. That would make me breathless.

    I’ve had issues with WordPress comments, so I now allow anonymous comments. It’s the only way some folks can comment. Makes me crazy.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Eugenia. β™₯


  4. Thank you, Sandee! I allow anonymous comments, as well. Usually, I can tell who it is and some add their name at the end of the comment. πŸ’›


    1. BellaDharma, meow to BellaSita Mum it was a nightmare. I had to change plans, which meant I would lose all my posts back to April. The WordPress support team helped to restore all of the posts to the present. Now, I am back to my original plan and shouldn’t have any more issues. The comment problem that many have encountered is a widespread WP problem and is not specific to my blog. Head bonks and high fives! πŸ’•πŸ˜½


  5. I’m on the Business plan ‘n had checked wid them last month if the Pro plan included Classic Editor. They said yes ‘n I was thinking about moving down to it when this plan ends next March or April. Maybe too many other Business plans had also checked wid them…

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  6. The Pro plan is no longer available to new subscribers. It was a very short-lived idea on WordPress. Since it is going to be obsolete, I thought it best for me to move to another plan because the longer you wait the more difficult it becomes to move your blog.

    My blog is a personal blog and I don’t feel it warrants the cost of the Business plan thus the reason I liked the Pro plan. I had all I wanted at a much more reasonable cost.

    With that said, the Premium plan works well for me since my blog is simple and I am not using it to sell merchandise.

    Btw, if you are on the Business plan, the Classic Editor is a plugin that should be available to you.


  7. When there are problems we think we are breathless…
    yet we need to regroup and breath deeply –
    And more often than not, issues get resolved.
    Even with a few hiccups. πŸ™‚

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