We’re blessed with some beautiful sunsets as we enjoy the views from our second-story balcony.

These photos were taken from my Samsung phone and they usually don’t turn out to be this colorful.

And, I’ve mentioned Frankie, the frog that has lived on our balcony for at least five years, to a few of my followers. Well, here is Frankie, a wee bright green frog that loves to sing! On our balcony, there are 10 hanging spider plants and several potted plants that my hubby nurtures, and Frankie enjoys hopping from plant to plant. I think Frankie is used to us since he/she isn’t phased by our presence.

Life would be boring without nature’s priceless gifts.

β€œ...and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?”
― Vincent Willem van Gogh


images – my own

61 thoughts on “My backyard and Frankie

  1. Nice pictures. That’s cool that you have a local frog. It reminds me of how on the TV mystery show Death in Paradise, there’s a lizard named Harry who lives in the chief inspector’s home.

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    1. I’ve mentioned Frankie to a few of my nature-loving followers. We’ve never been able to get a photo because Frankie doesn’t stay still very long plus he/she blends in with the plants. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Looks like the little frog with a very big voice that was in one of the Carolina’s that we vacationed with our family a few years ago! πŸ˜€

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  3. Oh I LOVE Frankie!!!!! I just love when nature interacts with me and I can share life with it. It’s usually birds for me but 3 years ago I had a wild rabbit(Bizzy) who came up on my porch every evening to eat his supper when the weather was brutally cold and snowy. I never imagined a wild rabbit doing that. So glad you have Frankie. It’s a wonderful feeling….VK ❀

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  4. Love the view. And Frankie knows a good thing when he sees it. I used to have chameleons and praying mantises on my ninth-floor balcony. But now that there are three cats out there they have found another place to live.

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    1. Thank you, Patricia. We can’t let Callie roam free on our balcony because she can get through the bottom slats so Frankie is safe for now. We’ve considered screening in the balcony to an extent.


  5. oh I love this Eugi. Hi Frankie! You picked a great home and you know a nature lover and poetic that is nurturing and loving of your presence. Beautiful pictures too!

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