Moonwashed Weekly Challenge- Vivacious – August 30, 2022

For the visually impaired, the image is a vibrant abstract digital painting.

vivacious allure

colors mingle amid vibrancy

indeed a masterpiece

Your Weekly Challenge – Vivacious – August 30, 2022

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Image by edith lüthi from Pixabay

70 thoughts on “Moonwashed Weekly Challenge- Vivacious – August 30, 2022

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  2. Vivacious Woodpigeons

    I find that some garden birds are oft gregarious,
    … and others are socially mysterious,
    Which can offer up the crumbs of the hilarious,
    Or make perch time precarious,
    Like woodpigeons,
    Hardly graceful as they stroll along,
    .. tripping over their own feet,
    Not partaking in any particular song,
    But always joyful to all whom they meet.
    They remind me of grey Garfield’s with wings,
    … but l do so like them, for their ambling gait,
    And the smile to my face that they bring,
    When they stop by in the garden for a seed date.

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    1. Delightful, Rory! I love your fun and lyrical poems. We had another set of baby doves leave their nest today! They are so cute when they are learning how to fly.

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      1. Hey Eugenia 🙂 Thank you. I also love to see baby doves. I remember five years ago now Suze and l raised a woodpigeon youngster we called Geotgie. His parents made the most appalling nest and their young dropped on top of my then open composter which thankfully was a soft landing and we reared Georgie between us for two days, most nervewrecking time of our lives.

        We got him to a rescue centre and were there for his first steps, really lovely to see 🙂

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    1. Thank you for joining in. I found this comment in my spam and your other comment in the comment section of the post. Go figure!


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