Orange marmalade

image provided by See Norway

a dab of

orange marmalade

please let fishy

swim the seas

dancin’ the night

away, oh

lordy, lordy

look who’s forty

hooray for

cake mix

perfection with

direction penning

positive vibes, no

gloom and doom

or weird asks

leave well enough

alone and enjoy

the good life

focus on peace

positive thoughts

blowin’ in the wind

outrageous not

my facade, nor

defines my blog

moonwashed poems

a friendly place it is

oh, no jelly on

the wall


wasteful and


Earthly Comforts Once a Week Prompt

Can You Nail Jelly to the Wall?

Prompt questions – What’s the difference between jelly and jelly fish?
If you had the opportunity to travel back to a specific period in your life and alter it slightly or significantly – what age would you return to, what would you do, and why would you choose to relive it and if you wouldn’t, why not?
What topics can you not write about with conviction?
What does the phrase ‘make from scratch’ mean, and who or what does the scratch refer to?
What is the weirdest question you have ever asked or wanted to ask someone but haven’t had the opportunity?
What makes for a good life and what would make your life good today?
Are you easily distracted or do you have focused concentration? What distracts you or what keeps your mind piqued all the time?
What was the last thing that blew you away in a good way? [Interpret as wish]
When was the last time you did something totally outrageous or ridiculous?
Describe your blog’s personality in only three words?
Bonus Question

Can You Nail Jelly to the Wall and if so how?

featured image – provided by See Norway blog (currently retired)


30 thoughts on “Orange marmalade

    1. Thank you, Nancy! No, not my birthday and I was responding to the question about what age I would like to return to. But, thank you for the Happy Day wishes and back atcha!

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