in all of darkness

there glows the moon

day birds soon ring in

the early morn,

kissed by the sun

a crown of laurel

grace rose-colored

mountains, while

78 seas bask in

sun-salted air neath

quilted clouds gifting

silvered droplets upon

mossy forests,

lush and green,

to nourish and protect

all living things and

all of life,


her legacy the very

soul of the earth

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #249

Prompt –

LEGACY – a single word but you can use any of these or other synonyms

Benefaction, Bequeathal, Bequest, Bestowal, Birthright, Devise, Endowment, Gift, Heirloom, Heritage, Inheritance, Patrimony, Provision, Settlement, Hereditament


Image by beate bachmann from Pixabay

46 thoughts on “Mother Earth

  1. Wonderful poem Eugenia.
    I have been thinking about Mother Earth and Gaia specifically all day. And, I just checked my WP Notifier and here is your lovely poetrry paying great tribute to her. Wow! Awesome write.

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    1. Cindy, I hope they will be okay! I was born in Florida and lived through many of those big storms. Ian is a huge and powerful storm and we may see some of it here in Georgia. Prayers for all in the path of the storm.πŸ™

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