Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Thunderstorm – September 27, 2022

winds howl loudly as

thunderstorms cleanse the past

dreaming of still peace

Your Weekly Prompt – Thunderstorm – September 27, 2022

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Image by jplenio from Pixabay

92 thoughts on “Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Thunderstorm – September 27, 2022

  1. winds howl loudly as
    thunderstorms cleanse the past
    dreaming of still peace

    Clouds drift from existence
    Water crashes below the rocks
    Leaves falling in slowed time

    Your face appears before the sun
    My body abundantly replenished
    Strength returning to me now

    Walking high above the earth
    Your voice singing out to our souls
    Lifting us away from sorrow

    Alas it is yet to soon
    Turning you leave us all behind
    Love too substantial to never rejoin

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  2. Hi Eugenia, I wrote this Tanka this morning, and I might post the poem on my site tonight

    I Have Been Both, Soft and Hard (a Tanka)

    Soft as a feather
    Suddenly the wind changes
    To bitter and sharp
    Swept in by the Atlantic’s
    Hard curtains of cruel sleet

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    1. BellaDharma, your poems are soooo furry good!! Does BellaSita Mum know how talented you are? We want calm and peace too!

      Our poor neighbors in Florida are getting hammered with hurricane Ian and we are crossing our fingers it doesn’t come our way. 💖

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      1. BellaSita Mum DOES know mee ritess poe-emss an shee encouragegss mee….mee iss so shy mee likess to share them here with you Miss Eugi.
        Mee wurried about mee Aunty an furamillee in Florida an our deer frend Omar two!
        Hurrycaness are terrifyin! 😦

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  3. While we often have the same weather there are times (some local in-laws) and I do not. We both had rain last week. But only our area seemed to have thunder! Not always followed by lightning either!
    I’ll be back… I’m still way behind.

    WP changed once again on how we recieve our comments in email.
    Only good thing is I haven’t had that horrid ‘spam’ comment for two days in a row (or since ‘their’ change. Maybe they actually ‘fixed’ something!!

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  4. Franci, I’m following you but I’m not getting notification of your posts. 😦 I want to start doing your challenge. Do you usually post it on Tuesday? 🤦🏼‍♀️ My new author blog still isn’t working correctly. Do you see my posts or get notification of them? Thanks.

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    1. Yes, I post the prompt on Tuesday, and it is in the reader. No, I am not seeing your new author blog in my notifications, however, I see your Tanka Tuesday blog. Another day in the life of blogging!

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      1. I was getting a lot of new followers but many are not legit. Either their sites don’t work or there is nothing there. New followers have slacked off a bit and I am getting tons of spam! Very irksome, IMO.

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