The Limelighters – Celestial Prompt

“Mathematics expresses values that reflect the cosmos, including orderliness, balance, harmony, logic, and abstract beauty.”― Deepak Chopra Your Weekly Prompt Roundup – Celestial – Posted October 25, 2022 1. Elizabeth2. Grace Y. Estevez - Reddy3. Goff 4. Paula5. July Day6. Michelle7. Rockstar Girl8. Audrine Max9. Sadje10. David11. Punam/paeansunplugged12. Susi13. Jules14. Suzette15. Issababy Creates16. Artie Camenzind17. Ken … Continue reading The Limelighters – Celestial Prompt

In the scope of things

kindred souls grateful to dwell beyond fettered worlds seeking the pathway to peace in blissful places standing in the still of time What do you see # 158- October 31, 2022 For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a doorway in a brick wall. Beyond the doorway, you can see a garden view, extending back to … Continue reading In the scope of things

Coffee Chat Q&A – Oct. 29, 2022

politicos gobble up the news TV-meh, don't watch, don't listen saves on energy saves my sanity life skills, common sense self-sustainable basic first-aid. and emergency preparedness social skills and communication reading, writing, and basic math homework completed, yes of course better than the alternative. depending on one's age - men and women-dunno, you tell me … Continue reading Coffee Chat Q&A – Oct. 29, 2022

EZ-PZ Writes – October 29, 2022

moonlight and dreams wield life's schemes for what seems likely Than-bauk The than-bauk is a Burmese form with very simple rules: Three lines Four syllables per line The final syllable of the first line rhymes with the third syllable of the second line and second syllable of the third line. Here’s a visual representation of … Continue reading EZ-PZ Writes – October 29, 2022

My poem “Return of The Eve” published on Spillwords Press

crowing in the nightblackbirds perched on the high wirestraining to listenas ghostly wanderers roamwitches’ brew wafts sluggish air woeful choirs caw cawblackbirds perched on the high wirestraining to listenblack cats hone pounced positionssecrets sung from empty woods moon flickers off and oncosmos reveals its porch lightstraining to listento witches guffawed cacklesstanding on the edge of … Continue reading My poem “Return of The Eve” published on Spillwords Press