EZ-PZ Writes – October 1, 2022

interpretation can make or break ideas seek out the real truth

“Plants are attuned to one another’s strengths and weaknesses, elegantly giving and taking to attain exquisite balance. There is grace in complexity, in actions cohering, in sum totals.”
― Suzanne Simard

Monoku poetry form –

Unlike Haiku which is made up of three outlines with seventeen syllables, Monoku features a single line consisting of seventeen syllables or even fewer.

It contains a pause brought about by speech rhythm with slight or no punctuation. The first letter should not be capitalized but written in lowercase.


featured image – Pixabay

8 thoughts on “EZ-PZ Writes – October 1, 2022

  1. I read somewhere that Neal deGrasse Tyson was talking to Steven Spielburg and was told that ET was a sentient plant!! Think about the film and how ET always made the plants recover and bloom. The heart bit was added ‘later’ for ‘people’ who wanted a more humnoid being 🙂

    (also…The film’s concept was based on an imaginary friend that Spielberg created after his parents’ divorce.)

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    1. Well, ET separated from his group of alien botanists so it makes sense ET was interested in plants. That’s interesting about the concept of the film – something I didn’t know til now.

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