Amidst the mist

weathered tales unfold
dense fog, grey and uncaring
sulks through sighing trees
lovers stoll, their path
eternal and undisturbed
unaware the sun shone here
once upon a time
as the story goes

What do you see # 155- October 10, 2022

prompt image

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows the scene of a forest. One can see a couple walking in the distance through the hazy fog.


featured image – Image credit; Shahzin Shajid @ Unsplash (altered)

83 thoughts on “Amidst the mist

      1. The shoulders are wrong for lurch. Shouldn’t they be broad. The o.g. one might have. But with the relatively modern on it looked like fester but in the image it was too tall to be fester

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  1. Your piece reminds me of the time I saw a full point buck in my neighbors yard… in the mist – we both looked at each other for a bit and then he went on his way 😀

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