Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Forbidden – October 11, 2022

forbidden domains
inviting to wanderers
ingress hides treasures

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Your Weekly Prompt โ€“ Forbidden โ€“ October 11, 2022

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Image by Schmidsi from Pixabay

62 thoughts on “Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Forbidden – October 11, 2022

  1. Why is it,
    That it’s the deviance,
    and the devilry and
    Of those delightful delicacies,
    That are always forbidden?

    How is one to indulge,
    …or to overstimulate,
    To fill their lives with such treasures,
    If they are unable to participate?

    How does one make reality the forbidden?
    … turning them about turn into unbidden?

    I guess the secret lies in not telling,
    … and making all the naughtiness and
    mischievousness –

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      1. It is much easier but I have found a few are not comfortable using it. I add those myself and I don’t mind. My goal is to make the wrap-up easier and save time. It takes forever to create the wrap-up! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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