The Limelighters – Forbidden Prompt

“We hunger in earnest for that which we cannot consume.”
― Nenia Campbell

Your Weekly Prompt Roundup – Forbidden – Posted October 11, 2022

1. Goff James
2. Paula Light
3. Michelle
4. ben Alexander
5. Reena Saxena
6. Jen
7. Jules
8. Audrine Max
9. Jude
10. Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy
11. Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy
12. Sadje
13. Susi
14. Suzette
15. Ken Hume
16. Anvi
17. Rockstar Girl
18. Colleen M. Chesebro
19. Punam
20. bilocalalia
21. Piper
22. Artie Camenzind
23. Deb

Earthly Comforts

Why is it,
That it’s the deviance,
and the devilry and
Of those delightful delicacies,
That are always forbidden?

How is one to indulge,
…or to overstimulate,
To fill their lives with such treasures,
If they are unable to participate?

How does one make reality the forbidden?
… turning them about turn into unbidden?

I guess the secret lies in not telling,
… and making all the naughtiness and
mischievousness –

poem by Rory, The Autistic Composer

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Image by Dorothe from Pixabay

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  1. Or if people would mind their own business and let people enjoy what they like, there would not need to be anything hidden! Most of our preferences are minor to the rest of the world anyway and don’t impact them in the least. Don’t yuck other people’s yums! lol

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