Coffee Chat Q&A – Oct. 29, 2022

politicos gobble up the news TV-meh, don't watch, don't listen saves on energy saves my sanity life skills, common sense self-sustainable basic first-aid. and emergency preparedness social skills and communication reading, writing, and basic math homework completed, yes of course better than the alternative. depending on one's age - men and women-dunno, you tell me … Continue reading Coffee Chat Q&A – Oct. 29, 2022

EZ-PZ Writes – October 29, 2022

moonlight and dreams wield life's schemes for what seems likely Than-bauk The than-bauk is a Burmese form with very simple rules: Three lines Four syllables per line The final syllable of the first line rhymes with the third syllable of the second line and second syllable of the third line. Here’s a visual representation of … Continue reading EZ-PZ Writes – October 29, 2022