Coffee Chat Q&A – Nov. 6, 2022

There'll always be different strokes for different folks "rise up above it", my mother used to say me, myself, and I best defined as quaint I enjoy shrooms but not the trippy kind tossed in with garlic butter atop oodles of noodles “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”― Aldous Huxley born in … Continue reading Coffee Chat Q&A – Nov. 6, 2022

EZ-PZ Writes – November 6, 2022

cold and bare-faced trees awoken by morning chill spread leaves over hills American Sentence: Invented by Allen Ginsberg. – Poets Collective An American haiku variation. 17 syllables written in a sentence. Any topic – So, the qualities of such a sentence? Like most other good poetry it should be Imagistic, with that gap of meaning between the … Continue reading EZ-PZ Writes – November 6, 2022