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Never say never!

I am taking the free courses offered by, Create Your Site, because I wanted to learn FSE (Full Site Editing). I created a new blog so as not to mess up my existing blog. After hours of setting up my new FSE blog, I wasn’t pleased with the results. I patted myself on the back for seeing it through and I enjoyed and learned a lot from the courses.

Since I created a few posts to learn the process, I didn’t want to waste my efforts and moved my new blog to a theme, thus, here I am again with two blogs. I have already started the process of republishing my work from other sources to my new blog. There are poems I’ve contributed to the blog site, Go Dog Go Cafe since 2018, and it’s not likely the older poems will garner any interest. I feel it’s time to give them a second chance.

So, after a few more tweaks, I will launch my new blog, Ongoing Whimsy, which is a pretty good description of my life.

Anything else you’re interested in is not going to happen if you can’t breathe the air or drink the water. Don’t sit this one out. Do something. ~Carl Sagan

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51 thoughts on “Blog News – Ongoing Whimsy

    1. I’ve had two blogs before, David. The second blog is mainly for moving the work that was published elsewhere to the blog I own and I didn’t want to mix them in with my work in Moonwashed Musings.


    1. Jude, I haven’t launched it yet. Maybe you’re thinking of Empowered Women which is Reena Saxena’s other blog.


  1. Nice quote. And good luck. I still have my other blogs… though they are inactive. I keep thinking I might try something new with them… but there is never enough time…

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    1. Yes, blogs take up a lot of my time too. So far, I have 30 posts ready to publish in my new blog. It’s mostly for poems I posted in Go Dog Go Cafe. I prefer they be on my own blog plus it gives them new life.

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