Reasons for living

repurpose resources

replenish respect

revitalize resurgence

redeliver reminiscing

restore reputation

resing recordings

resow resilience

redevelop responsibility

listen to whispers
hear vibrations in the ground
for our Mother Earth
holds high her will to provide
resolution and repose

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #256

This is perhaps the shortest word prompt we have done on RXC, yet it encompasses so much.

The prompt is

Any word starting with Re

featured image – See Norway blog

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      1. We’ve also got park benches made from tires and or plastic bottles. I was told that my old carpet was going to turned into thread… but the installers said it was going to be trashed 😦

        I think there is a shoe company that used plastic bottle thread too… my niece used their shoes. But I forget the name.

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