like a dying star the prognosis may be glum yet, you have been warned the path of hope many be dimmed but light wll negate darkness What do you see # 162- November 28, 2022 prompt image For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a sign saying; “You have been warned “ it’s lit up … Continue reading Endurance

The Limelighters – Transient Prompt

Your Weekly Prompt Roundup – Transient – Posted November 22, 2022 1. Paula Light2. Suzette3. sangeetha4. Reena Saxena5. Sylvia Cognac6. Jules7. Rockstar Girl8. Grace Y. Estevez - Reddy9. Jude10. Indira11. Sadje12. Ken Hume13. Goff14. Punam/paeansunplugged15. July Day16. Elizabeth17. Susi18. Audrine Max19. Stine Writing20. Michelle21. Sgeoil22. kittysverses23. Deb Thank you to everyone that participated! I appreciate … Continue reading The Limelighters – Transient Prompt

Awww Mondays – November 28, 2022

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