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Rory, owner of the Earthly Comforts blog site has started a new mini-interview series “Cuppa Community Chat’. Here are the details Wildlife Greetings – Cuppa Community Chat.

And, here is my interview with Rory:

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Today’s Cuppa is with Eugenia from Moonwashed Musings

A gander at me – I enjoyed a dedicated career in the insurance industry for over 20 years. In 2012, I was transferred from Jacksonville, Fl, to Atlanta, Ga. After two years in Atlanta, my employer began scaling down, changing its strategy, and closing its Atlanta-based office. Since I was already at retirement age, I took the plunge and retired.

I needed to fill the void and began writing articles for LinkedIn and I don’t remember when and how I found WordPress, but it was love at first sight. I wrote anything and everything with no actual intent.

I love wordplay and to play with words and express myself in ways other than long-form writing, and that’s the beginning of my love for poetry. I wrote ‘rant poetry’ in combination with a factual accord. After a while, I streamlined my writing to just poetry, my favourite genre.

What inspires you the most, and are there subjects you write about more than others?
Nature inspires me the most, which is reflected in my poetry.
What do you do for relaxation?
I listen to music and write. Both my hubby, Paul, and I enjoy listening to music. Even though we are older, we never grew out of rock and roll.
Do you prefer to be in the garden, the kitchen, or somewhere else in or out of your house, and where?
We don’t have a garden since we live in an apartment. However, we have a balcony, and Paul fills it with plants. We spend a lot of time there, weather permitting.
How many cups of tea, coffee or other [what] do you drink a day and when?
I start with a morning cup or four of coffee. I prefer black. In the afternoon, Paul and I brew up a coffee drink with coffee, chocolate and sometimes a nip of chocolate liqueur.
 What food can you not live without?
Veggies and salads. Chocolate is a close second.
Where is your favourite outdoor space, and what makes it unique?
Our outdoor balcony. It is our safe space outside in the fresh air during the pandemic and even now. Our lives have changed a lot since the pandemic. We don’t go out like we used to.
What is your favourite way to while away an hour?
Depends on the time of the day. I’m a morning person and have a lot of energy, so I use that time to write. Later in the day, Paul and I clean, cook, and listen to fake news and music. In the evenings, we’re both on the internet. Paul likes sports, and I am writing again. It seems we while away the whole day, doesn’t it?
With that said, my ‘while away’ hour is playing games on POGO. com and fiddling with my blog. I am always trying to find a new blog theme.
What is your favourite flower?
What inspires you the most, and are there subjects you write about more than others?
As I mentioned before, nature is my favourite subject—the moon and stars and how they relate to life and society. I also like to throw in a little magic and fantasy, which I want to lean more in those areas.  

Daffodils – my favorite flowers

Thank you, Rory! 😊

Be sure to visit Rory at Eartly Comforts, a blog inspired by nature.

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  2. Wow this was a very amazing interview Eugenia.

    Next time you should interview me and I will be ready to answer this question of “What is your favorite food that you can’t live without”? and the answer is BISCUITS 🍪

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  3. Retirement is a good place to be. I enjoy it. Kind of like being a child with free time – oh, yes we have some reponsiblities… but after learning to say ‘no’ to the ‘outside’ things we don’t want… life is good.

    Stay safe and warm. 💖

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  4. Waht a lovely interview Eugi!
    I have to say I/we learned alotabout you today.
    You are a true inspiration for fellow poets & writers…..Thank you for your ift of friendship….
    Hope your Christmas Day was as lovely as you are!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen (BellaSita Mum)
    nose kissess BellaDharma

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