Stony persona

to outlast being
cast one's likeness in stone
a soul reflected
among those with like qualities
unconsumed by life itself

What do you see # 168- January 9, 2023

Copyright © 2023 Moonwashed – All rights reserved.

34 thoughts on “Stony persona

  1. Ooh… a doppleganger in marble.
    I’ve got a few dopplegangers in famous folks.
    I once was even told I looked like Mr. MacGoo!
    (Like telling a gal she is cute instead of pretty or beautiful…thanks! Not!)

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    1. Mr. MacGoo! I don’t know if I would be happy about that. Reminds me of blind dates where someone would say she has a good personality instead of she’s pretty or beautiful.

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      1. One of my dopplegangers is the Mona Lisa! I like that better. Somewhere I’ve got a ‘folder’ of my dopplegangers. One was another woman poet!

        I’ve always said that the mold to my face was popular 😉

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