Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #125 – 1/10/23 – Provocative

future moments dwell
in provocative domains
with or without us

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Your Weekly Prompt – Provocative – January 10, 2023

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Published by Eugi

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words." - Robert Frost

63 thoughts on “Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #125 – 1/10/23 – Provocative

  1. Teasing the Mind

    What’s not to love about the word,
    … to excite or stimulate,
    To arouse and have the response stirred,
    Within one’s mind and allow it to elate,
    … to fly to another realm,
    Perhaps and albeit one of fantasy,
    Tickling the senses and causing upheaval and overwhelm,
    … whilst thinking purely creative phantasy!
    Tis the beauty of such a fun-loving word,
    It rolls off your tongue,
    … easily as if not even heard,
    Or off the body loosely like a sarong,
    Eliciting a flighty tingle as the weaves slide away,
    … easing themselves into a looseness upon the floor,
    Puddling in silent ecstasy,
    Awaiting more …
    That’s provocative,
    … and evocative,

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