The Morning Dawdler Q&A – 1/15/2023

'Spare' me the family drama a read, I don't wanna some things best kept from view scandal, the media loves to pursue “People who wonder if the glass is half empty or full miss the point. The glass is refillable.” Unknown sure, individuals matter together, we're even better A company is people ... employees want … Continue reading The Morning Dawdler Q&A – 1/15/2023

EZ-PZ Writes #38

to sing to the moon but silently as stars sleep the night gently yawns American Sentence: Invented by Allen Ginsberg. – Poets Collective An American haiku variation. 17 syllables written in a sentence. Any topic – So, the qualities of such a sentence? Like most other good poetry it should be Imagistic, with that gap of meaning … Continue reading EZ-PZ Writes #38