a lifetime of toil

oft revered in the

climb to success

not appreciated

nor remembered

deemed a misfit

by the hoi polloi

man’s sorry plight

a stony facade

without a soul

What do you see # 171 – 30th January, 2023

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a sculpture of a man holding a bag. The statue is on waterside, and part of the statue is intentionally missing.

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An image of; Not All There – The Enigmatic
Sculptures of Bruno Catalano

27 thoughts on “Without purpose

  1. Mee-yow what strong poe-em Miss Eugi!!
    purrss BellaDharma

    Hello Eugi~~You outdid yourself this week on photo prompt!
    Such a poignant photo & your poem captures how many people feel in the working world….
    I love Nova’s comment the MIA pieces are in suitcase!
    Maybe the ‘man’ is holding on as best he can, hoping he can be put back together! 😉
    (((hugs))) BellaSita Mum (Sherri-Ellen)

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  2. I think of success as a goal. IMHO, to achieve purpose is the application of education, experience, self-improvement, etc. I agree that those that strive only for success are missing out.

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  3. So much is lost, in the pursuits of what we think is, important, and, when we realized that what we thought was important isn’t, then, it’s, usually, too late, to get whatever we lost along the way back, again…

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  4. I just wrote a partial post on this prompt…not quite complete. Your words reflect what I am feeling by having someone harrass me – they seem to have no respect for dealing with the right agencey.

    I truly believe ‘they’ (both agent and client they represent) are as empty inside as the image in Sadje’s prompt. …sigh.

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