when I and you

don’t see eye to eye

it’s then and when

you lend

your caustic wit.

I wonder

do you never mend

your ways?

my friend

there were days

when I and you

were two


you had to win.

my dear

I’d shed a tear

it had to end

now I’m one

I’ve won

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #269

We have a theme prompt today. It is not necessary that the word appears in your piece, but the spirit should.


Controversies surround this term. Some call it the lowest or highest form of wit, or the highest form of intelligence. It is often blamed for destroying relationships.

What cannot be denied is the negativity. There is a deep dissatisfaction, anger, superciliousness or dislike in the person using it. It can be called a form of mental abuse in some cases. Only the victims know what they go through, and cutting off may be the only way out.

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36 thoughts on “Then and now

      1. A topic of discussion on another platform, with two approaches.

        I acknowledge that what I say has an impact on me, and I will act with due care. Necessary corrections will be made for whatever landed incorrectly.
        I am responsible for what I do and say, and not for the impact it had on you.

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  1. Wow, interesting blog and poem Eugenia. “THEN AND NOW” , it is like defining two timeline of events that is the past and the present. This poem from my understanding means two people who were friends or more than that! 🙌🙌🔥

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    1. Yes, you’re correct, Lamittan. Some things are best left unsaid if one can’t be kind. Check out Reena’s interesting comments in this thread.


  2. Eugi you are a Diamond of a Poet! Seriously!
    Recently my BFF made fun of my situation regarding my friend who had passed away last year.
    I said after SIU report came in end of January how ‘utterly heartbroken’ I am & her ‘caustic’ reply, “Oh I’ll bring my sewing kit & needle & thread…” & laughed & laughed.
    And I got so angry!
    We’ve not spoken since. And she wrote me a 2 page letter taking MY inventory….sighs 2o years of friendship down the drain. Your poem says it all. Thank you for writing amazing poetry!
    {{{hugs}}} an ❤ ❤ BellaSita Mum & purrss BellaDharma

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    1. That’s sad about your friend. 20 years of friendship down the drain is hard to take. As we all should know, some things are best unsaid. It seems the human race is more uncaring, as of late. With all that is going on in the world, now is the time to be kind to one another.💖

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      1. Well said Eugi! This person’s hubby had an actual Heart Attack last April. I found nothing funny about the situation! I tried to help her but she rebuffed me. After his surgery when hubby was @ home & she & daughter had to go out, I offered to come sit with hubby as he is also a friend & I am a block away & can walk that!! Again rebuffed. Many times!
        I would call & call & no reply; no FB; no email.
        I make 1 comment about Albert & it was in NO WAY a ‘dig’ at her Hubby; she makes a joke of Albert’s death….that was final straw. This ‘distraction & deflection’ routine might have worked in Nursing but you do NOT do that to a BFF!
        Since Covid, it seems 90% of people changed….sadly……

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