prompt image

imagine the world

intense with glorious color

unconsumed and pure

judgement and biases

don’t color me

for I am not a victim

of your indifference

I am She amidst

blushing blooms of

nature flourished

for the gentle eye

I am She amidst

stalwart oaks

for the critical eye

I am She that glows

from inside out

and laughs with the sun

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #270

Prompt – Welcome to an interesting and colourful week!

We are all set to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March, 2023. India will also celebrate Holi, the festival of colors on the same day.

Hence, we have a picture prompt to bring out the glory of colors. It’s up to you to bring out the glory of women with your prose, poetry, art, tribute, memory or anything that inspires you.

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  1. There’s that physial vs intelligence; Mars vs Venus again. Yes SHE is powerful, smart, loyal, and maybe one day will be treated with equal respect.

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