morning résumé

sleepy mist weds virgin air

the sun barely there

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44 thoughts on “Sunbeams modest

    1. Thank you. BellaDharma and BellaSita Mum! I changed themes, and I like my new one better. I also tried to move Moonwashed Musings to an FSE theme like the one I have for Ongoing Whimsy but it would take too long. Purrs and hugs!😻🥰

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      1. You are allwayss so creeative with yore page themess Miss Eugi. Wee wuud like to update mine, butt with changess to WerdPress, wee cannot use themess as wee free bloggerss…
        Mee likess lotss of color an THE white type backgroundss are not to mee taste!!

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      2. Oh, white backgrounds drive me crazy. My eyes can’t handle the brightness. I have a program called Dark Eye which darkens every thing on my lappy. Plus, I love colorful backgrounds and yours is very creative. I think colorful backgrounds set the stage for one’s blog. I am on WP’s Premium plan so I have more options with themes and also to not have ads. I just changed themes because the comment section must also be dark, especially since I am having a problem with my right eye. Purrs and hugs! 🥰

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  1. Wee used “Dark Eye” allso Miss Eugi!!!
    Wee due not like that stark white eether…….
    BellaSita creeated mee background when mee joined THE Purrfect Pad as she did for ‘angelss’ Unkell Siddhartha an Aunty NYLABLUE. Wee due not have a credit card so wee have no way to purrchase Preemeeum….so wee keep mee blog as it iss…. 😉

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      1. Many thanx Miss Eugi!
        Mee likess mee background alot….THE wheel iss a REEL Dharma Wheel…..iss furry symbolick.
        Wee are sorry you are havin THE EYE issue an hope with rest yore eye will feel bettur.
        POTP an ❤ ❤ an white lite of healin ❤

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