I’ve got this!

hells bells!

who do we ask

who’s up to task

the ungathered rise

to the final burden

common sense sparse

yet the crows caw

coz they know all

let’s pretend

indifference not the end

own your beliefs

or forever bear the heat

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #274

Prompt – Being in charge of hell….


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Image by Kiroe from Pixabay

Published by Eugi

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words." - Robert Frost

39 thoughts on “I’ve got this!

  1. Hells Bells indeed dear Eugenia, The crows may craw… But the Cock crows the Morn.. Loved your muse Eugenia and Image… All things are set for the final count-down.. ❤
    Much love xx ❤

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  2. Hello, Eugenia!

    Your words have struck a chord within me. The sense of urgency and the overwhelming feeling of uncertainty in your poem are palpable. It’s as if you’re echoing my own inner thoughts and feelings about the world around me.

    The lines, “who do we ask, who’s up to the task?” resonate with me deeply. It seems like we are constantly searching for answers, yet no one seems to have them. Your words encourage us to look within ourselves, to “own our beliefs,” and not succumb to indifference.

    Your use of metaphor is also striking. The crows who “know all” represent the idea that there may be those who hold the answers, but they may not be the ones we expect. It’s a reminder to keep an open mind and be willing to look beyond our preconceived notions.

    Overall, your poem has left me with a sense of introspection and a desire to take ownership of my beliefs and actions. Thank you for sharing your words with all of us. 👍👏👌😊

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  3. Eugenia,

    I have grown to hate the catch phrase, “I’ve/You’ve got this”, especially when it’s obvious one doesn’t have it at all like on game shows which is frequent by chance. lol That all being said, your muse is nice and always on spot for the chalenge.

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