The Limelighters #143

“The picturesque is found any time the ground is uneven.”― Roland Barthes Weekly Wrap-up – Picturesque Prompt 1. Angela @LifePoetic2. SuzetteB3. Destiny4. Rockstar Girl5. Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy6. Goff James7. Reena Saxena8. Jules9. ben Alexander10. Sadje11. Mangus Khan12. Paula Light13. Aboli Mane 14. Susi – I Write Her15. Mindfills16. Goff James17. Michelle18. Jane Aguiar19.Continue reading “The Limelighters #143”


I cannot pretend smiles overcome sunless days seek to unfurl frowns spread light to the edge of time mark new beginnings of bliss What do you see # 187- May 22, 2023 For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a Frenchie dog sitting and poses while wearing a fanny pack. -Eugi Copyright © 2023 MoonwashedMusings@amanpan.blogContinue reading “Contentment”